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It’s the story of a memory. A distant reminiscence of childhood. A fragrance that has disappeared, but here restored like a ghost, like a fantasy.

Rose Garden

Another rose story! Christophe LeBo is obsessed with them (to the point of collecting them), and he proves it with his first Rozenn fragrance, which accentuates the genre and opens wide onto his personal garden.

Le Garçon

Not really heady but rather joyful, it opens with a basket of citrus fruits : beautiful Calabrian bergamot picked in late spring – that is to say, almost ripe but not yet candied -, a very red mandarin, and therefore very fruity, lime and yellow lemon juice, acidic, dashing and even undoubtedly, insolent…


And if we were to imagine a summer fragrance, what attributes would we offer it, what would it be inseparable from? Maison LeBo has chosen another option: that of ripe fruit and flowers at their peak.

One For Us

Us ? As its name suggests, this fragrance is genderless. And as such, it can be shared. Fortunately, this doesn’t make it a product for everyone, since it will only appeal to those who like rarity and non-conformity.