La Boutique

Maison LeBo boutique

Galerie Vivienne – Paris

LeBo Parfums is proud to announce the opening of its very first boutique, located at 54 Galerie Vivienne, in the prestigious 2nd arrondissement of Paris. The boutique opens its doors to offer Parisians a unique sensory experience in the bewitching world of exceptional fragrances.

In the heart of Paris

The Galerie Vivienne, a landmark steeped in history, is the ideal setting for Lebo Parfums. Nestled among luxury boutiques and historic passages, this sophisticated showcase offers perfume lovers a place to discover a refined collection of unique, timeless fragrances.

Fragrances for Women and Men

The boutique offers a collection of 5 fragrances for women and men, each carefully created to capture precious moments and unique emotions. From bewitching notes of mandarin, rose and peach to deep woody scents, each fragrance is an olfactory ode to elegance and refinement.

LeBo parfums is an exceptional fragrance brand created with passion and dedication to the art of perfumery. Each fragrance is the fruit of craftsmanship and a relentless quest for excellence, capturing the very essence of elegance and refinement. Since its creation, Lebo Parfums has established itself as a benchmark in the world of luxury fragrances, seducing lovers of sophisticated scents.