One For Us

Eau de parfum mixte – 100 mL


Us ? As its name indicates it, this fragrance has no gender. And as such, it can be shared. Which fortunately does not make it a product for everyone, since it will only seduce those who like rarity and non-conformism.

What an astonishing construction that starts on the delicate note of hawthorn, fragile petals just opened, married to the one of Chinese slightly aniseed ! A walk in a spring garden after the dew.

But be careful not to take a masked seducer for a child of heart… Because very quickly sandalwood and patchouli rise. That is to say, the lascivious, unctuous and almost milky bewitchment of the first, the vibrant beginnings of the second.

Premises, because at the base of the olfactory triangle, the case is confirmed: patchouli plays its great woody score, deep and orientalist, supported by the fluffy musk and the beautiful bourbon vanilla that we find united in an irrefutable harmony.

To offer to his/her life partner to better steal it!

Fragrance Notes

Top note

Star anise / Jasmine

Heart note

Sandalwood / Patchouli

Base note

White Musk / Vanilla