Women’s fragrance – 100 mL


And if we were to imagine a summer fragrance, what attributes would we offer it, what would it be inseparable from ? For some, it would be the suntan oil that the French have been using since the first paid vacations in 1936, for others it would be the smell of popcorn. Maison Le Bo has chosen another option : that of ripe fruit and flowers at their peak.

Immediate evocation, the juice of the white peach (the real one, so sweet and yet imperceptibly acidic) ; that of the wilder pineapple and especially, a little pointed, a little green, that of the deliciously exotic Asian mango. Later, a trio of these flowers that, on the contrary, we meet every day in our lands : the lily of the valley, rare, precious and much less shy than we think ; the rose called damascena and whose refined fragrances are known to everyone ; the geranium, cousin of the previous one, and that, however, we frequent less. We are wrong : a mixture of velvety petals and fluffy leaves, it is a daily delight on the balconies of summer houses.

What remains is what emanates, what the whole fragrance is based on. Here the choice is clearly amber, built around sandalwood, vanilla benzoin, oud so appreciated from Arabia to the Philippines, amber grey -the one released by the whale that regurgitates it from its depths, then matures according to the waves and the weather before being picked on a beach by chance. And a few pistils of saffron to illuminate the whole with a dazzling sunshine.

Fragrance Notes

Top note

White Peach
Pineapple / Mango

Heart note

Lily of the valley
Turkey Rose / Geranium

Base note

Tolu Balsam / Benzoin / Ambergris / Oud / Saffron