Rose Garden

Eau de parfum for women – 100 mL


Another rose story! Christophe le Bo is obsessed with them (to the point of collecting them) and he proves it with his first Rozen perfume by accentuating the genre and opening it wide to his personal garden.

He added peonies, whose groves abound with these large, colorful, wonderfully fragrant cabbages, and jasmine, too, which trumpets on sunny days under the sunny pergola. Wandering scents, woven together, that make up the richness of this nearly park, populated by a thousand plants and, in all seasons, by a quantity of species, covered with an overgreen lawn that the oceanic climate of the place allows to water without effort.

Everything is circumvolutions, detours, flowerbeds, crossroads, mounds and espaliers. Nothing orderly, but as many plantings as smiles, surprises, trials, exclamations. There are tarragon and clematis, wild strawberries and a greenhouse for the little shoots and another one to store the lemon trees when the cold comes back. And hundreds of roses, sometimes very old like those of Provins, sometimes pink-tea or pink-pompon variety, in truth many of them are not pink but crimson, white like angels or purple almost violet, yellow too sometimes which is lovely but does not smell very strong. What does it matter, the others are fragrant ! It is the idea that counts and here, it triumphs ! It’s the idea that counts, and here it triumphs!

Fragrance Notes

Top note

Yellow Mandarin
Bergamot / Peony / Rose petals

Heart note

Iris / White flowers / Jasmine

Base note

White Musk / Amber / Rice Powder